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LinkedIn Engagement Growth
May 21, 2019

When you think about social media, which platforms immediately come to mind? We’re guessing that Facebook, Instagram and Twitter will be among them, and maybe Snapchat and Pinterest will be there on the periphery. But what about LinkedIn – does that even get a look in? If you’ve never been onto the platform, or just […]

Pinterest – A Quick Guide
April 26, 2019

Pinterest – it’s all about pretty pictures and shiny videos, just like Instagram, right? No, not quite. In fact, not at all, because Pinterest is actually a visual search engine, not a social media platform. Despite all their marketing being worded to this effect, it’s still perceived as an Instagram wannabe, which couldn’t be further […]

Social Media Agencies Vs In-House
April 10, 2019

At your wits’ end with social media? Have you been contemplating whether to hire an agency, but not sure if you’ll see any ROI? The whole thing seems like a bit of a gamble, right? Unfortunately, there’s no formula to guarantee that you and your brand will be the next Zoella otherwise everyone would be […]

An Introduction to Colour Grading
March 27, 2019

Photography for social media can be a challenging task, whether you’re looking to showcase your products, sell a lifestyle or share your latest recipe. We assume that you’re a dab hand at taking photos, so let’s skip the tips and focus on the editing. At Rocaba Media, we’ve been creating photographic content for various social […]