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LinkedIn Engagement Growth
May 21, 2019

When you think about social media, which platforms immediately come to mind? We’re guessing that Facebook, Instagram and Twitter will be among them, and maybe Snapchat and Pinterest will be there on the periphery. But what about LinkedIn – does that even get a look in?

If you’ve never been onto the platform, or just have a basic profile which was last updated five years ago (or maybe it has been even longer; rest assured that you’re not the only one, so we’re not going to judge you), maybe it’s time to implement LinkedIn as part of your digital marketing strategy. In their FY19 Q3 results report, Microsoft shared that on-platform engagement levels are continuing to rise, with sessions increasing by 24%. Alongside this impressive statistic, there has also been a jump in total members registered: 610 million at the last count. In short, the future is looking very bright for LinkedIn.

That said, there is some debate about active users versus total members since the company has never shared any Monthly Active Users (MAU) data, contrary to its competitors. Some speculate that only approximately 25% of LinkedIn users actively use the app, which would give a MAU value of around 153 million.

While the exact figures are up for discussion, what can’t be disputed is LinkedIn’s ongoing success. Algorithm and functional improvements mean that users are staying on the platform for longer and returning to check updates and further interact with fellow users.

If you’re looking to counteract Facebook’s declining reach, you should definitely start considering how LinkedIn, and other platforms, can help you to achieve your digital marketing goals. It might take you some time to remember your login details, but with LinkedIn rolling out new features and updates quickly, you don’t want to be left behind while other businesses in your sector flourish.

Feeling overwhelmed by social media and the pace at which it moves? Get in touch with us and we’ll demystify the various platforms and how they can be used to boost your business.

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